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Chevrolet Beat PS Reviews

Chevrolet Beat PS Review
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Chevrolet Beat PS Review Details

Chevrolet Beat PS Most Useful Car Reviews
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Pros :

Comfortable, impressive Interior, Clever Exterior Look

Cons :

Mileage, pick up, Gear shift

Description :

The interior features of the Chevrolet Beat PS are not only attractive and charming but it also makes the car simply irresistible. Although the cabin looks quite small and pretty from outside, it is actually very spacious from inside. The sophisticated and classy look of the car comes from the metallic finish of the instrumental panel along with the dash board which is of dark black finish. The fabric used on the seat covers matches with the interior of the car increasing its beauty. This car is a hot favourite of the young generation as it provide them with freshness. The seats are quite comfortable to have a pleasing drive and a ride.

Posted By  Nazrul from Delhi (Tuesday 16th July 2013)
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